Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pictures From Our Week Doctoring Mat's Leg. It's Pretty Nasty!

^Saturday morning. It's looking so much better! The doctors will be excited when we go in on Monday.

<--Thursday at the doctors office. Looking better!

^ Ewwwww! It was pretty nasty! It oozed and kinda smelled bad. Wednesday was by far the worst day.

<---Wednesday night at home, a few hours after the first anti-biotic shot. Looking a little better

<--Tuesday night after the first doctor visit. The redness was still growing



Friday, December 17, 2010

Update on Matt

Update on Matt's leg. It is a Staph Infection, but the doctor has him on a vigorous anti-biotic regimen and it's looking so so so much better today than it did even yesterday. Wednesday they gave him a shot of Rocephin (a really strong anti-biotic) and then again yesterday they gave him some more, but this time through an IV because he almost passed out with the shot. Today it looks so so so much better! He's still taking two different kinds of anti-biotics, but we're hopeful that this will pass and not get any worse while we're at home.

I'm learning all kinds of things about infections and anti-biotics. I think it's kinda cool to see how all of them are working to fight the infection. The people I work with think I sound pretty smart when I start talking about it. Honestly I wish I hadn't learned anything about any of it...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last day of Finals

So today has already been interesting and it's not even noon yet. First off I had a final at 7 am this morning, and I know for most of you you're thinking, that's not that bad, but I don't like getting up in the morning, especially when I see any time before 6 am. It's even worse when I have to do so to take a test, Yuck! Bright side of this final was that I thought it would take me all 3 hours, but it didn't! It only took me 2 hours and 15 minutes! My thought as I walked out of my final was "Free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty, we're free at last!"-Martin Luther King Jr.'s immortal words.
This next part of my day actually stared on Sunday when Matt had this red bump on the middle of his calf. It looked kinda like a big red zit, or an ingrown hair, kinda gross I know, but that's what it looked like. I didn't really see him all day on Monday, but by that night it was the size of a quarter and deep red. It looked really gross. We kinda thought it was a spider bite or something like that. Grossed me out, the thought of there being a spider in my bed! He made an appointment with the doctor for yesterday and I guess the first thing the doctor said was "Well, we're kinda worried." AHHH!! Never a good thing to hear! So it wasn't a zit or ingrown hair or bite, no, he's got an infection in his leg! So we got the antibiotic and the doctor told us that if it looked worse when we got up in the morning to come into the Urgent Care Center. Well we woke up this morning and it did look worse. The redness had spread a lot and the part that had been deep red was now almost purple. So we went in. The nurses there were kinda intrigued by it and all wanted to know what he'd done. (Near as we can tell he must have scraped his leg while playing laser tag on Friday with the Elders Quorum.) The doctor came and made more pen marks on his leg marking the extent of the redness, now it's almost down to his ankle. The doctor gave him a shot to numb the area. Then he CUT OUT part of it! No joke! He pulled out his little switchblade scalpel thing and cut into him! He's such a brave guy though! He just held onto my hand and didn't look so he wouldn't get squimish. He made an incision that was like a centimeter deep and a centimeter wide and was like digging these cotton swab things into him! And then they gave him a shot in his hip! That was the worst part of the whole thing for him, because after they gave it too him he kinda went into shock and was nauseous and really really pale. It kinda scared me because we knew he'd been unresponsive to that drug when he was younger and didn't know if he was having an allergic reaction to it. But after 20 minutes of laying down with his feet up he was fine, if i can call walking with a limp and being extremely sore fine. Let me just tell you how brave he is. I would have been in tears if it was me. Like full on crying like a baby. I have a really low pain tolerance. He didn't even shed one tear, not one!
So because he's not supposed to walk on his leg, I had to drop him off at the Wilk, and then park the car and go to work. I was positive I was going to be late, but figured that they wouldn't care when I explained what was going on. BUT as I was going to turn down to park at the Marriott Center, and there was someone leaving the spot RIGHT in front of the bell tower! Happy Day! So I actually made it to work on time. I think Heavenly Father was watching out for me because I'd been doing my job as a wife. Then when I got to work my friend Meagan Adams had made the most delicious guacamole using avocados grown in her backyard in California! SO SO YUMMY! It kinda made my day.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


ok. Most of you know that I am not a 'neat' person (aka not clean, organized, etc.). Mostly I just don't like to fold laundry or put it away. However Matt and I have a room in our house that resembles those that are seen on the show Hoarders. Yeah it's bad. The problem started when we got our kitchen table and we all of the sudden had an extra table, 2 extra chairs, (table has 4 chairs but we only use 2 most of the time) and then the ironing board broke and now won't collapse. So we have this extra room, which is supposed to function as an office/extra kitchen storage, but we can't even walk in there without stepping on something or jumping from place to place. It's kinda embarrassing. The reason for this post on this is that the other day our camera battery died so I was looking for the charger. It's somewhere in this room. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It's Christmas time, and I want to take pictures of all the fun things we are doing and the only functioning cameras we have are the ones on our phones, but those aren't good pictures. I guess I know what I'll be doing once finals are over, cleaning out that room!

Monday, December 6, 2010

My Sweet Husband

So on Friday I came home from work and found a sign on our front door that read, "Riley's Italian Restaurant (Please Knock)", so I knocked on the door and Matt answered, dressed in his nice khaki's and black button up shirt (one of my favorite outfits on him, he's so handsome), and he told me I couldn't look in the kitchen and had to stay in our room until he was done. So I closed my eyes and got ready for our date night, which I thought was just going to be going to see Christmas Around the World with his Aunt Polly. He's so sweet! He had made me manicotti and had cleaned the living room and the kitchen! And be bought me flowers:) I'm so lucky!

Then on Saturday we went and got a Christmas Tree and I decorated it on Sunday after church. I love Christmas! It's such a happy time of year. I love the songs. I love the smells. I love hunting to find the perfect gifts for the people that I love. I love the spirit of charity that is so abundant. I love the focus on Christ. I love that I get to spend time with my family. I love getting to help my mom shop for and cook all the yummy food. I love the excitement that comes on Christmas morning. ( I'm still like a little kid, Austin and Collin and I would always be the first ones up on Christmas morning, and we would hold "The Annual Big Kids Meeting in the Basement" ...yes we named our meeting... and we'd play games and talk while waiting for 7 am to come around...yes I was up that early. Half the time we had to wake the little kids up.) Pretty much I just love everything about Christmas!

Our Pretty Christmas Tree