Monday, May 27, 2013

Just A Glimpse

All day I have been thinking about Matt and wondering what he is doing, which I do a lot. This morning I got an e-mail telling me about a Facebook page for the company Matt is a part of, but I was on my phone and it wouldn't open the page right on there. Then I got busy and forgot about opening the page on my computer until about 6 pm this evening. I opened the page and was looking at the pictures there. It was so great to see pictures of what Matt is doing! I was looking at the guys in the pictures and it made me happy to see them smiling! I was scouring the pictures for a glimpse of Matt and then I found one! He was just kinda in the back of the group, but it was his smiling face. My heart jumped with joy! What a wonderful blessing to see him, even if it's not real time. For the past week I've been praying to just have some kind of conformation that he is doing OK. This was just what I needed. Finding another picture with him right in the center was AMAZING! It put me on cloud 9. Life just didn't get any better.

It's kinda like playing "Where's Waldo" except it's "Where's Matt"

And Last but not least!

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