Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ummmm....What to do with Mason?

Yesterday one of the members of the Relief Society Presidency called and asked me if I could teach Relief Society on Sunday. Of course I said yes! Teaching R.S. is one of my favorite callings I've ever had and I love to substitute. I spent the afternoon getting ready for my lesson and I think it will be pretty good. I mean how can you go wrong when your lesson is from Lorenzo Snow and about going to the temple? Tonight I was going over what's going to happen tomorrow at church and after church, I realized that I don't have anyone to watch Mason while I teach! Mom isn't going to be there because she has to work tonight. Amy and Brenda aren't going to be there. Who am I going to ask? I'm kinda picky about who I give Mason to for long periods of time. I'm totally good with him going to family members and most of the time I can't keep track of which family member has him. But for some reason giving him to non-family people makes me nervous.
For couples who are both at church, they can arrange it so that one of them is able to watch the baby while the other is teaching, but as a newly single parent I'm feeling a little outta sorts about the whole thing. Mason seems to almost always be the most cranky during R.S.

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